Dating case pocket knives

So, it may be time to have a conversation from a dealer perspective on what generally can / can not be expected from the different brands.This document will probably be an ongoing work, but will have more detail than what I want to put in the FAQ’s.We're skipping over a ton of Schrade history, but since this article focuses on Old Timers, we're jumping directly to 1958.The true origin of the Old Timer is unclear with stories and snippets on how the brand came about coming from many sources, including some that are reliable and some that aren't.The old Schrade company was renamed Schrade-Walden Cutlery Co, Inc.

Collectors specialize in collecting dates, patterns, handle types, or combinations of these.

Romans were the next group to really use the pocket knife as a tool.

Many bronze “friction folders” have been discovered from the Roman Empire.

Collecting Case knives is a popular and growing hobby. With this system knives can be dated to the year they were made.

Over the years the blade stampings on Case knives have changed. Collectors love this and collect each year of their favorite knives.


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